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Python Day 60 – index manipulation of timestamp

As the title says, I went over some manipulations of data that can be done once the timestamp is set as the index. I learned: To set the timestamp as the index with: data.Timestamp = pd.to_datetime(data.Timestamp, infer_datetime_format=True)data = data.set_index(‘Timestamp’, drop=True)  And once we have the timestamp as the index, we can use the .loc functionContinue reading “Python Day 60 – index manipulation of timestamp”


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Heyo! I’m Isaac. I’m currently a filmmaker / animator / student and am blogging to keep myself accountable for new skills I want to learn. As of writing this those are mainly the coding language Python and the 3D software Maya.

I want to learn Maya to be able to use it to create films and animate in my future. I’m learning Python because there are a couple data visualization and machine learning projects I’d like to try out some day, although at the moment it’s a fun challenge and new skillset I’d like to have.

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